• Live procedure of entertainment
    Interactive small games are added in live broadcasting room to experience the new playing method of game live in spare time of interacting with the anchor
  • Live system of webpage
    Desktop interactive live system platform, apply live website procedure such as Rumble Fish, Panda, Tiger Teeth, War Chess, etc.
  • Mobile live system
    Applied for Android and Iphone system, independent mobile APP, similar to cellphone live broadcast system such as Huajiao, Yingke, etc.
  • Live procedure of shopping
    Live broadcast and go shopping, a brand new live procedure of shopping makes a different realization mode of live-broadcasting platform.
  • Multi-CDN switch
    Meet the requirements of customers in different regions in the world, provide many CDN joints in background, and solve the allocation problems of CDN fundamentally.
  • Family union
    Create a family, and apply to join. Let your live broadcast not be alone, and there are also many functions such as good number and mount, etc.
  • Types of room
    Many selections such as room with password, room with ticket, timing room, etc., and not restrain to a single room.